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Marke Записаться на пробное занятие

I am a native English speaker. My name is Marke. For the past 10 years I have been teaching English.


• Classroom experience in diverse environmental and geographical settings

• Written and verbal communication, interpersonal relationship, and classroom management skills

• Develop and presentation of materials and knowledge sharing in a manner that allows for full understanding of intended audience

• Interact easily with people of diverse backgrounds, cultures, and age levels

• Plan and conduct group individualized training designed to enhance knowledge of and ability of students to complete coursework

• Apply new strategies, theories, methodologies and practices

• Organize, analyze, assess, and make recommendations based on individual talents and abilities

• Excellent critical thinking, analytical, research, problem solving, organizational, and communications skills

• Advanced knowledge of current and cutting-edge educational theory, strategy, methodology, and technology



English language Teacher; Language academy; Class room and online,

• Provided English tutorial education classes; group and one-to-one.

• Provided online English tutorial education classes; group and one-to-one.

• Implemented appropriate curriculum plans for daily activities, in a variety of online classroom settings and subjects.

• Provided general as well as specialized English instruction; IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL, SAT.



NCME Montessori Training

Certification: Montessori Philosophy & Elementary Education

Dual degree holder:

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Master of Arts in Fine Arts (with a minor in English literature)

University of California in Los Angles (UCLA) - 3.6 GPA